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Transliteration of original Sanskrit Scripture :-
Brahmacarya  pratisthayam   virya  labhah ./38/.  

When  energy of procreation  is firmly established
by Mindfulness Meditation,  cosmic energy and vigor is acquired./38/.  

what is mindfulness Meditation step 38:-

It is when a disciple of mindfulness Meditation cultivates and becomes perfected in Mindfulness Meditation and in the virtue of energy of procreation that he attains vigor in all fields of his life. Energy of procreation is sex purity in thought, word and deed. It is one of the most essential virtues enjoyed upon by expert of mindfulness Meditation. It is when energy is not decapitated in diverse and psychic activities that energy of procreation gets ushered in. This in turn promotes energy and vigor. Expert of mindfulness Meditation is to avoid disseminated of energy in order to promote energy of procreation. He is to be wedded to chastity in thought, word and deed. Expert of mindfulness Meditation is enjoyed upon to preserve chastity through the practice and cultivation of various mindful meditation exercises . The cultivation and disciplining of the virtue of energy of procreation augments, enhances and promotes cosmic energy. The keeping and maintenance of character like that of the inner subtlest nature that is the lord of creation, tantamount to the practice of energy of procreation.

The consummation of sexual act is not only a meeting or conjunction of two gross physical bodies. It is also a meeting or conjunction between the inner subtlest nature particle of the subtle and very subtle forms and shapes of two living beings. During sexual intercourse, the total life force of the inner subtlest nature essence of the two living beings plunges into its deepest depth and gets into a state of hectic motion and activity. The total life force there after, gets fully awakened by Expert of mindfulness Meditation. The flow of the awakened life force cannot be halted or stopped. It can, however either be properly used or grossly misused. During the conscious act of sexual intercourse this cosmic energy gets properly used. However, during the unconscious sexual intercourse this very cosmic energy gets badly misused.

The  expert of mindfulness Meditation  says that the cosmic energy of a living being which keeps on flowing in the form of craving and lust, is to be preserved inside the conscious mind of living being. Like the inner subtlest nature essence, the cosmic energy is to be thrown back into the conscious mind and stopped for moving towards unconscious mind and sense organs of the living being. There after the energy is to be fully awakened in the conscious mind. The force of craving and lust of unconscious mind is to be pulled up in the coil of one’s own conscious mind. The discharge and dissemination of cosmic energy is to be stopped.

Awakening the coil of lust and craving of unconscious mind and thoughts tantamount to the practice of energy of procreation. It is on the awakening of this coil that concentration, awareness and  mindfulness Meditation of conscious mind get fully awakened. It is said that when  power of lust and craving after getting awakened of expert of mindfulness Meditation, reaches the third eye above, seeded  mindfulness Meditation starts getting cultivated and perfected. With the arrival of this cosmic energy in the top of the head, the flow of this energy becomes the pathway of entering in self-conscious, which leads to self-realization. The domestic life, which is to be lived by, a householder is to be lived as per his natural bent of mind and inclination. The desire for sexual intercourse and consummation is not to be stopped under any circumstances.

On the contrary, sexual intercourse’s to be performed consciously and with full awareness is true f mindfulness Meditation. During the act of sexual coitus, the force of craving and lust is to be imaginatively but consciously pulled up towards the top of the head in the body instead allowing it to flow downwards in form of semen. Such an effort is to be repeatedly practiced by expert of mindfulness Meditation. Repeated practice of this effort result in awakening the inner most reserves of cosmic energy. This awakening leads to realization of self-conscious that is outer part of self-conscious of soul and is real self of a human being. This repeated practice of imaginatively but consciously pulling up the force of craving and lust towards the top of the head, tantamount to energy of procreation. energy of procreation, as it is, has no direct connection with physical sexual intercourse. The flow of cosmic energy keeps on flowing through the senses of lust and craving to physical matter in form of semen.

Even without physically performing the sexual act of coitus, such cosmic energy flow keeps on flowing through imagination, through dreams and through thoughts. The expert of mindfulness Meditation says that the stopping of the sexual act of coitus is to be with regard to the stopping of the flow of cosmic energy. This flow is to be stopped flowing from among the thoughts of imagination, thoughts of dreams or thoughts of the mind. The physical and bodily sexual act of coitus is to be performed consciously and in full awareness. It is to be performed for the awakening and experiencing of the cosmic energy of lust and in a state of self-awareness.

When energy of procreation becomes confirmed the body and the sense organs and all layer of mind get saturated with cosmic energy. The filling of the mind ,the body and the senses with cosmic energy results in the attainment of vigor. It is when the body and mind get completely filled with cosmic energy that both the body and mind become completely invigorated and perfectly healthy. It is in this state of perfect health that descent into the depth of mind is to be consciously made. 

It is in this state that descent of concentration and meditation into mindfulness Meditation gets perfected and purified. It is not by stopping the consummation of sexual act that the power of cosmic energy gets awakened. On the contrary, awakening the power of cosmic energy leads to the automatic fulfillment of sexual coitus. It leads to the automatic fulfillment of the desire for sexual intercourse. The awakening of the power of cosmic energy is deep  mindfulness Meditation with inner soul essence. It is like having undiluted love with inner soul essence. As such, when the power of cosmic energy gets awakened the mediator’s gravitational pull towards the earth decreases. His affection towards worldly subjects and objects with material possessions and with living beings of the universe also decreases.

The expert of mindfulness Meditation not only experiences himself as perfectly healthy but light as well. Energy of procreation is to be practiced by consciously increasing the flow of the power of cosmic energy in the body, sense, organs and mind. It is in fructuous to unconsciously stop the sexual act of coitus. Forcibly stopping the performance of sexual act of coitus creates mental and physical ailments. This is under duress, because the natural flow of cosmic energy then finds another outlet and starts flowing through imagination and through dreams. Imaginatively thinking of indulging in sexual intercourse during the cultivation of mediator discipline of energy of procreation tantamount to nullifying the dreams and lust. As such physical and bodily act of sexual coitus is to be performed consciously.

What is  Mindful Meditation ?.

This meditation is an excellent basis for the development of insight and skills development to improve your meditation practice .
Mindfulness meditation is in the sweet effort to be constantly present with the experience. " Mindfulness meditation" also involves paying attention  on purpose  . Meditation mindfulness involves a conscious direction of our consciousness. To make mindfulness meditation , should be intentionally aware of itself, and not and only vaguely conscious . Paying attention  in the moment  is mindfulness meditation .
Mindfulness meditation is a non-reactive emotional state. we simply observe the object or the subject and release . in mindfulness meditation , we do not get upset , because we are something we do not want to experience or because we do not experience what we prefer to be confronted . We just accept everything that happens in mindfulness meditation . We observe mindfully. We note arising , through us , and ceases to exist .


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